Trial and Error

I have always been a sucker for fashion trends and interpreting them in my own way (such as my year of ‘living on the edge’ wearing Doc Martens with Little House on the Prairie dresses, circa 1995).  Through trial and error I have found my own personal style and am less influenced by seasonal trends, although definitely still pay attention to them!  I like to take new details from my environment (like a frangipani flower behind my ear in Fiji) and inspiration from local street- style and traditional wear while in a new country.  I always like melding a new idea with some good ol’ Saskatchewan essentials, like denim or leather. Not all attempts are successful, but I have fun with the process!

Here is a photo from a full- hearted, but classic, fail!  My West African head wrap was a metre too short, which I tied myself instead of enlisting help from those in the know.  While locals carried it off so elegantly, I ended up looking more like a floppy- eared goat compared to the regal ladies I was dining with! Lesson learned, ask for help when attempting traditional wear in the traditional way!

Nigeria traditional headdress:Rep Essan M&M Delphine and Eka Comfort and Friends Feast 2



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