Travel Perks


Leaving’ on a jet plane!

Most times I would cringe at the thought of a 9-hour layover in an airport, but not this December when our travel took us through Hong Kong.  I quite like the HKG airport, with it’s great shopping, many seating and dining options and long walkways.  THIS trip we would get to experience a completely new level of the airport, and I was super excited!  We were flying Economy, as per usual, and planned to take advantage of our Qantas Platinum status.  This, we knew, would give us access to the Cathay Pacific “The Pier” First Class lounge.

I always eagerly anticipate travel and actually look forward to the flights, feeling like the holiday starts in the first airport departures lounge.  I know it may be a little weird that after all the journeys we’ve taken,  I still get excited for the in- flight services and movies (even the meals, if I must admit it!).  In random airports, I look over to my husband and say, “Just think about where we ARE in the world right now, like on the globe…and think of Saskatchewan where we grew up!  Did you ever imagine, on your walk to school in minus 30C, that you would be doing this?!”.  It never gets old for me, and my husband entertains my wonderment with good humour!

Exiting the exclusive elevator to the lounge, I put on my best, casual- aloof, friendly but-“I always do this, this is so NOT new for me”-expression as we approached reception.  I tried not to look too giddy with anticipation as I peered into the welcome foyer, which caught my eye with its elegant, soft down- lighting casting a glow on the green, marble tiled walls.   This place was seriously classy.

(My phone camera did not do the space justice, so I am sharing a few photos from others who have experienced this amazing place!  Thanks to Hello Citizens, International Traveller Mag and The Versatile Agent)


The lounge was brand new and the attention to detail made us feel welcome and completely pampered.  From the lighting to the calming colour pallet, to the contemporary design and decor, the traveller has been considered to the finest detail.  “To help you relax, we’ve designed an engaging journey of the senses—from the signature Cathay Pacific fragrance (a soothing blend of lavender, bamboo, green tea, and jasmine), through to the quiet acoustics of the natural materials, and the warm, ambient lighting present in all environments.” (Cathay Pacific).

Oh…did I forget to mention the personalized welcome tour we were given with proffered glass of Moët & Chandon Brut Rosé?!  I quickly lost my casual- aloof, non-me face…I felt very comfortable here!

Where to start?  We only had 9 hours!  Firstly we booked our massages and showers, then rehydrated in The Bar with a small snack from The Pantry.  We relaxed and read a little, all the while pointing out the thoughtful details of the decor and design.   Feeling calmed, we headed to the Spa, followed by a proper sleep in The Retreat.  We gave ourselves plenty of time to wake up and enjoy the The Dining Room experience, with it’s Asian inspired menu and extensive wine list.

After one last stop at The Bar for a smoky whiskey poured over the largest ice cube I’d seen, we were called to board.  After that experience, it was a little hard to walk to the back section of the plane and back to reality.  I must admit I was a little less excited for the in-flight meal…luckily I’d smuggled in a small, bespoke jar of dark chocolate bark from The Pantry to extend the decadence!  “Honey, when you were growing up in Saskatchewan, did you EVER think….”


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