Slippery slope…


My husband and I aren’t ones for sweatpants. Neither of us own a pair, we don’t lounge around at home in them and we wouldn’t think of wearing them out in public. Nothing against those who do, it’s just not ‘our thing’.  At the end of each work day we do change into something more relaxed.  A light summer dress.  Crisp shorts and a linen shirt.  Nothing fancy, but we always think about looking nice for each other.  It’s just something we do.

And then this happened…..

The other day, (embarrassed look on my face as I explained this to my husband) I woke up in the morning, donned my yoga gear and headed to my yoga class. I arrived to find that it had sadly been cancelled. Disappointed, but already in town, I decided to quickly buy a few groceries. I felt rather conscious in my active-wear in the grocery store, mostly because I didn’t have any tell- tale workout signs or sweaty, messy hair!

Then I went home, and…admittedly…I stayed in my yoga gear ALL DAY while I put away the groceries, made our home- made granola for the week and sat down to study. It. Felt. So. Good. Comfortable, nothing pulling or pinching, cool and breathable. I get it people, I totally get it! THAT’S why active wear is getting so “stylish” and there’s been a whole Athleisure surge in the fashion industry!

This morning, I woke up and deliberately put on my adidas running shorts and Dry- fit T-shirt….to STUDY! Yes, I have absolutely NO intention of exercising today and I’m not even embarrassed about it. The fact that I am telling you about it means that I am actually quite pleased with myself!

I will still change into something less sporty for the evening, perhaps a loose, comfortable- but- cute summer maxi dress…in a knit…which is basically like wearing a large t-shirt…paired with an adorable cardigan in sweatshirt material.  If we decided last minute to eat out, I wouldn’t even have to change and could just put on my trainers and head out.  Oh, it’s a slippery slope indeed!



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