With eggplant (or aubergine or brinjal or garden egg) growing in abundance in Fiji, and sold in the market for only $2 FJD a heap, I am always looking for new ways to use this delicious, nutritious and healthy fruit (yes it’s fruit!).

This is what $2FJD of aubergines looks like!

A few of my recent favourite recipes are this delicious eggplant shakshuka (for breakfast!), marinated aubergines with raisin and pine nuts (I have also substituted with cranberries and sunflower seeds…or what ever else I had in my cupboard in the nut and dried fruit category at the time!), and grilled aubergine and thyme.  I also concocted a mixed- recipe using aubergines for our Recipe Divas Diwali lunch, which had grilled, marinated aubergines drenched in a yogurt- mint dressing with pan-fried paneer.

It’s fun to get creative in the kitchen with what is readily available locally!  Any favourite aubergine recipes that you’d like to share?!  I’ve got heaps to cook!


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