Each country we live in comes with new ways to explore food.  I love to cook and enjoy finding what grows locally with each season.  Fiji brought the joys of fresh fish and coconuts and tropical fruits but with limited lettuce greens.  Now in Rwanda our days of fresh tuna are over but access to locally grown produce is much expanded.

I had so much fun visiting the local market and produce vendors this week, giddy to see fresh artichokes, cauliflower, rocket, lettuce greens and many mushroom varieties…all local!  No more fighting with Taialofa over the last kale leaves at the Super Fresh!

Kimironko vegetables

With my excitement bubbling I brought my haul back to the kitchen.  I was most excited for the large, healthy head of cauliflower!  I keep finding cauliflower rice recipes everywhere and now had the local means to try them.  I must cook it!  My husband did not share my enthusiasm for the cauliflower, so I set out scouring recipes online for something yummy to tempt him.  I came across this cauliflower risotto with mushrooms and blue cheese recipe from Home Beccanomics and gave it a try!

I made it without the beans as I didn’t have any, but everything else was at home, even some delicious imported and very reasonably priced blue cheese.  Pulsing the cauliflower was a messy affair but I seemed to get the right consistency.  Loosely following the recipe I used two types of local mushrooms which are very flavourful and firm.


Then the taste test.  Is it risotto?  It looks like risotto.  But no.  Let’s be honest.  It’s cauliflower with mushrooms and blue cheese.  I am not sure what I was expecting, cauliflower has a very strong and distinctive taste!  Flavourful?  Yes, and delicious if you’re not expecting risotto, and definitely lower calorie.  Would I make it again?  Ummm…no.  I kinda prefer my creamy risotto, especially when I am using such yummy ingredients (husband cringing at the waste of perfectly good blue cheese).


Now what to do with the rest of this pulsed cauliflower stash I have prepared?!  Any favourite recipes for me to try? …for my lunch? …that I will be having alone?  My husband was not fooled with the “risotto” and won’t be joining me on this cauliflower quest!


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