Two years, 11 modules, assignments and exams.  A 10,000 word research project.  1650 hours of self- directed studying and learning and reading and revising.  25 hours sitting for hand- written exams in 2 different continents.  3 months, 450 hours of research and writing for the final project. One supportive (and super awesome) husband and months of boring people with academics.


I’ve submitted my research paper last week, which was the final requirement to complete the Master of Science in Public Health from the London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine! With this feeling of accomplishment, I reflect back to that first moment opening the Epidemiology textbook and wanting to cry from sheer panic, wondering what I had just gotten myself into?! What on EARTH had I been thinking? Why hadn’t I chosen to study fashion design?! I love designing and making clothes, why not that?!


Well, I chose a Master’s degree in Public Health for many reasons.  One, I’ve always loved being a nurse. I’ve loved the clinical side of it and the connection with my patients, being able to ease suffering, to promote wellness and health, to enable recovery.  Secondly, I’ve enjoyed being part of a medical team, learning from those with experience in senior positions and in turn training and mentoring new nurses and families.  Thirdly, for many years now I’ve wanted to take that joy and experience of nursing and patient care to elicit greater impact.  To be part of a national team engaged in equitable health and well- being of its citizens has been a romanticized goal of mine!  And finally, to challenge myself.  To push past the feelings of inadequacy, to step out of the comfortable and to reach for this goal.

And now, it is done!  All the hours and dedication and commitment will be realized when I am awarded my degree in December.  In the meantime, I will start looking for work!  It is time to put this knowledge and experience into further practice and to actualize this romanticized goal.  Oh, and enrol in more studies…it seems I am, in fact, a nerd!



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