My husband once called me Chameleon and it took me by surprise and at first I was offended. “Do I just blend in?!”.  When probed further, I realized he meant it as a compliment and given in high regard.

I am a prairie girl, born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada. I left the comforts of home to explore and travel the world when I took my first overseas job in England. I am a Registered Nurse by profession, a fashion designer for fun and an experimental interior designer.

I travel, live and work around the globe with my profession and passions guiding me. In each new environment I am a Chameleon…I adapt, learn, grow and develop. Being a Chameleon has enhanced my enjoyment of new environments as I take on different elements of cultures and customs, while remaining true to my prairie roots. (Yes, most of my conversations still start out discussing the weather and how it will affect the farmers, even though I have never lived on a farm. I AM still from Saskatchewan!).

I love to explore the markets of each new place, observe the street style, study the hairstyles and find out how they are influenced. I am no longer afraid to trying new things, whether in the kitchen, in my home or in my fashion designs and styling. I’ve found joy experimented with hair braids while living in Kenya, designing with tribal West African wax prints and tropical Bula prints from Fiji and adding bright beaded Zulu jewellery from South Africa to my daily wardrobe.  In the kitchen, I experiment with what I can find at the local produce market, learning what’s in season and how to cook with it!

I hope you will enjoy these new experiences with me as I find ways to adapt and enjoy being a global citizen and traveling chameleon.


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